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The Future of Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is constantly shifting, thanks to the disruptive force of new technologies. Besides, there are a lot of meaningful movements taking place within the subgroups of this industry. However, even with the numerous micro-changes, the industry has registered unabated growth. The statistics below pinpoint the numbers behind industry growth, career, and business engaged in graphic design.

  • The total revenue generated by the US graphic design industry in 2019 is $15 billion. (IBISWorld, 2019)

  • 65% of businesses created 10 times the amount of creative content in 2019 than a few years back. (Adobe)

  • 67% of small businesses think that the importance of graphic design to business success will grow exponentially in the next five years. (99 Designs)

  • Freelance graphic designers account for approximately 90% of the total industry participation. (IBISWorld, 2019)

  • The graphic design industry growth rate between 2016 and 2026 will reach 4%. Consequently, the industry will add more than 11,000 jobs during the said period (US Bureau of Statistics, 2019)

  • Also, of the total number of graphic designers in the US, only 18% are self-employed.  (US Bureau of Statistics, 2019)

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